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İkizler Textile Serving the Brands of the Years with Its Impressive Designs and Excellent Quality Workmanship, has been a Solution Partner of the Leading Brands of the Textile Industry since 1989.

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You can choose us for your customers as you like our many customers. We can count you many reasons to choose us…

Textile Production is Our Business

Textile Production Is Our Business, Domestic, Foreign Brands With The Best Quality Service?

How We Work, What We Do, Who Uses Us…

Our company has been serving as a production center for many brands for the production of many brands for the year since 1989, the choice of fabric in the product development of the brands, the selection of the yarn, the choice of product model, the production of the products and the increase of the brand value.

The production process of the models determined by the brands in our factory and the process of the process until the dispatch of the owners of the brand is completely in-house.

Ikizler Textile Production, Quality Control, Cutting, Modeling, Molding, Printing Center, Embroidery Center, Empirme Printing and Serigraphy Printing Center, Product Sewing Center, Accessories and Iron Packaging Quality Control and Storage All the units such as Totally Own.

After the selection of the brands of fabric, up to the product delivery process is done within our company. Production and Export of Foreign Brands Operations are carried out by our Professional Team. For more than 25 years, our company is making professional production to many countries and many brands of the world.